Why choose MEGAA?

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Nearly a hundred years of successful experience, a global billet supplier around you. Reliable quality management system, in-depth and meticulous consultation, teamwork, product optimization series of standard materials, customer-specific system solutions, material research and development and special tooling and mold manufacturing ensure that high-quality products can meet the needs of different customers.

For decades, the chemistry and physics laboratories of Mega Deutschland have been researching the best solutions for materials and formulations.

1>R & D equipment
We have high-tech analytical instruments, such as: electronic micro-scanners, 3-D measurement devices, and vibration measurement tools for fatigue testing.
In our electronics laboratory, we use effective measurement techniques for commutation and durability tests. All working parameters are based on extensive data analysis results.

2> Material research and development
Working closely with numerous motor manufacturers around the world, testing and optimizing newly developed products through physical laboratories, chemical laboratories, electromagnetic interference laboratories and applied technology laboratories, consolidating and strengthening customers' competitive advantages in their markets: improving reliability Continuous innovation in performance, life extension, electromagnetic interference suppression, noise reduction and other aspects.

3>R & D consultant
We would like to test your latest developments and advise you on:
Material physical properties, carbon brush design, gap between carbon brush and brush holder, spring pressure, electromagnetic interference suppression, special impregnation, running-in of carbon brush and commutator, matching of carbon brushes of different materials on the same motor, provide reference suggestions.

4> Serve
We track and master the customer's usage, combined with motor performance, material selection support, and 24-hour fault response service.


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